Next week, we will attend the ELRIG´S THERAPEUTIC OLIGOS & EUROPEAN CHEMICAL BIOLOGY SYMPOSIUM 2023 (ECBS2023) in Gothenburg, Sweden, co-organized by ELRIG and EU-OPENSCREEN/EuChemS, and hosted by AstraZeneca R&D site. The conference will focus on topics like Therapeutic OLIGO profiling, Advancements in OLIGO design and synthesis, Novel formulations and biomarker analysis, Chemical probe-induced protein interaction and degradation, New ways to shape and interrogate biology through chemistry, and innovative tools and methods for advanced cell profiling.
We will present one talk and two posters at the conference. The talk with the title Identification of novel inducers of erythropoiesis by high-content screening will be presented by Petr Bartůněk, the director of CZ-OS, on Thursday afternoon, as a part of the Innovative tools and methods for advanced cell profiling section. Concerning the posters, the first one was created by Martin Popr, the head of the compound management and automation at CZ-OS, and describes our AUTOMATED COMPOUND MANAGEMENT PIPELINE AT THE CZ-OPENSCREEN; the second one, by Ctibor Škuta, the head of the cheminformatics and software development, presents the European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD, ecbd.eu), developed and managed by CZ-OS, and its state in 2023.